Complaints, claims, suggestions and acknowledgments

TRAM d’Alacant offers users the following forms to express their opinion about the service provided.


Communications in which citizens express only their dissatisfaction with the services provided shall be considered complaints. This can include issues like delays, lack of attention, or any other shortcomings they notice in how the Generalitat’s public services and organizations operate, reflecting a lack of quality in the services offered.


In these, in addition to the statement of disagreement with the services provided, the user adds a request related to the defence of their rights and interests.


These proposals come from citizens aiming to enhance the quality of public services, especially by simplifying procedures, minimizing inconveniences, or increasing user satisfaction in their interactions with the administration and said services.


These communications are expressions of citizens’ appreciation or recognition for the excellent performance of a service, centre, or unit within the Generalitat. This recognition can be for the optimal delivery of a service or the exemplary treatment they have received during the process.

Where can I file my claim?

If you do not reach an agreement or if you are not satisfied with the solution offered, you can file a complaint with the competent Ministry of consumer affairs:

Where can I submit my complaint, suggestion or acknowledgement?