Travel rules



  • Purchase a ticket for the appropriate zones at a ticket office or vending machine at a station or on the train/tram. Validate it at the beginning of your trip when you enter the station or train/tram and keep it until you leave the facility.
  • The fine for travelling without a valid ticket or not validating it at the beginning of the trip is €100.


  • You must travel in one direction only and without intermediate stops, except for transfers, and within the zones allowed by your ticket.
  • For TRAM d’Alacant trips, validate your ticket only once at the beginning of the trip, even if you take more than one train/tram.
  • After validating your ticket, the maximum time for completing your trip is: 90 minutes in one zone, 150 minutes in two zones and 240 minutes in three zones.
  • The TAM tickets are limited to the Metropolitan Area only (zone A). When using these tickets (except for the Single), you have 60 minutes after validation to transfer between bus lines or between different operators.
  • To get in and out of the vehicles, request a stop in advance.

Not allowed

The following are not allowed in FGV vehicles and facilities:

  • Compromising the circulation of trains and trams or endangering other users.
  • Using safety or rescue mechanisms without just cause.
  • Crossing the yellow safety line on the platform before the vehicle has stopped.
  • Transporting explosive or flammable material, balloons, large packages or any object that may damage the facilities.
  • Preventing or forcing the opening or closing of the vehicle access doors, as well as tampering with any element of the ticket systems (sale and validation).
  • Using any other means of transport within the facilities (skates, scooters, skateboards, bicycles, etc.).
  • Positioning yourself during the journey in places not intended for that use.
  • Entering or leaving the vehicle outside the designated areas or after the sound indicating the closing of doors.
  • Accessing the driver’s cab or premises for the exclusive use of FGV personnel.
  • Smoking.
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages or narcotic substances.
  • Exercising street vending or begging, putting up posters or carrying out any unauthorised artistic, commercial or advertising activity.
  • Leaving leftover food, drink or waste of any kind outside the containers intended for their disposal.
  • Producing or reproducing, by any means, sounds that may cause discomfort to other users.
  • Putting feet on the seats, travelling barefoot, without a shirt or with wet clothes, as well as any type of action that puts public health at risk.
  • Recording videos or images for public dissemination or commercial use without proper permission.

Inspection and control

  • The Law grants the status of Enforcement Officer to FGV personnel who perform Inspection and Control functions.
  • Aggression, intimidation or serious disobedience to the Officers shall be subject to the sanctions and penalties established for each case in the legislation in force.
  • FGV may, at any time and at any of its facilities, request to show a transport ticket, as well as an identifying document of the holder of a personal card.
  • FGV may withdraw and block invalid or fraudulently used cards, as well as cancel the tickets they contain.

Reserved seats

  • Respect priority seating for people with reduced mobility, the elderly, young children and pregnant women.


  • In underground stations, use the elevator to transport pushchairs or fold them if you take the escalators.

Children under 10 years of age

  • They may travel free of charge accompanied by a person of legal age with a valid FGV ticket. The maximum is two children per adult, who must carry the official document proving the age of the minors.
  • In zone A and with a TAM (coordinated) transport ticket, only children under 5 years of age shall travel free of charge.

Bicycles and scooters

  • Transporting bicycles and scooters is permitted throughout the network.
  • Due to the high occupancy of trains and trams, bicycles and scooters are not allowed to be transported in zone A of the TRAM d’Alacant during the following periods:
    • During the Hogueras period, between 18 and 24 June.
    • The night of 24 to 25 June.

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Traveling with animals is allowed, under the following access conditions:

  • Assistance dogs for people with disabilities or with their trainers.
    • The dog will carry the official assistance dog identification badge in a visible place or, failing that, the carrier will carry the corresponding resolution from the competent body of the Generalitat.
  • Dogs accompanying security forces.
  • Small pets in approved cages or carriers.

Lost and Found

  • If an object is lost on trains, trams or in stations, information may be requested at attended stations, at the Luceros customer point or by calling 900 72 04 72.

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