24 of February of 2011

FGV gets the award for developing the first phase of the rail project in Abu Dhabi

Railways of the Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) participates in the first stage in the future tram project in the UAE Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with consulting firms and TYPSA SENER.

The conseller for Infrastructure and Transport and Chairman of the Board of Directors of FGV, Mario Flores, is attending today the signing of the contract closing FGV participation in the project and will meet with officials of the Department of Transport (DoT) on Emirates Arab.

As part of its new corporate policy, FGV has established contact with other industry players to consolidate their growth and make the implementation of new railway operator, to provide expertise in the management of metro and tram.

FGV contributes in making this project their knowledge and experience of SENER and TYPSA tram traffic management, maintenance and rolling stock in the development of this project. The first phase of the study of light rail (LRT) / tram in Abu Dhabi is to design and develop a sustainable transport system that meets the needs of the area and allow redevelopment of the places running.

After this first phase of study DoT plans to continue with the next steps to bid and award the construction of the tram line.

The new network must have the latest technology, be efficient and adapted to the climatic conditions of the area, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius.

This first phase includes a performance on network 30 kilometers north of the city in a densely populated area, which encompasses the metropolitan area of Abu Dhabi and new areas like Al Sowwah Island (financial center) and Al Reem Island , Saadiyat or the Museums and Capital District.

Support for internationalization of Valencian companies

The conseller for Infrastructure and Transport has traveled with a trade delegation to Qatar where yesterday attended the laying of the cornerstone for building a data center by the Qatar Foundation ECISA Group. The Councillor has used the trip to see the different projects being developed in Qatar ECISA.

One of the highlights of this new project, whose budget is 20 million, which is a center of next-generation data, a high-security building located within the Science and Technology Park in Doha. Thus, the Consell supports internationalization policy that major companies are making sector Valencia thanks to the experience gained in implementing public works tendered by the Government, under the Strategic Infrastructure Plan.

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