17 of December of 2010

FGV receives a delegation of the German city of Gera tramway interested in Valencia and Alicante

Railways of the Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) has received this week a delegation from the German city of Gera interested in knowing the tram system in Valencia and Alicante. Two officials of the municipal transport company in this town Germanic viewing Metrovalencia network and facilities and TRAM Metropolitano de Alicante exploiting the Generalitat Valenciana.  

The Teutonic city representatives, which formed part of the former GDR and has a long tradition of using public transport, are studying the renewal of its network of trams to replace ground floor units similar to those circulating in the Community Valenciana. Gera has a population of about 100,000 inhabitants and a tram network that provides service to 47 units of tram.  

The heads of the municipal company that manages both the bus network of trams in the city as now intend to undertake the renovation of these compositions by more modern and accessible, why came to Valencia to see first hand models FGV .  

Metrovalencia Tour  

Thus, in its first day of work on a trip between the Columbus stations exchanger Maritim / Sawmill of Valencia, one in Spain where the metro rail transfer is made in the same facility underground, with just six meters away, the width of the common platform.  

Later, the delegation continued their journey by tram to the workshop of Orange in which maintenance is performed and completion of the tram network Metrovalencia, those of lines 4 and 6.  

Visit Alicante TRAM  

The next day, the technicians Germans moved to Alicante to visit the workshops in El Campello in which maintenance is carried trams of this province, and then make the journey that links El Campello and stars in the center of Alicante, aboard one of the electrical units that perform the route of Line 3.  

The German representatives were able to appreciate the comfort, power, performance and versatility of the units of Valencia, one of the first Spanish regions introduce low-floor trams in their cities, first in Valencia and Alicante later in what has turned FGV an operator in the recovery of this mode of passenger transport.

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